Leo Interior Design is a multi award winning interior designer located in Denver Colorado. Awards have come from across the United States and you can see why by some of the examples listed below.  Take a look at what a real focus on your wants and needs can mean when you are looking to perform interior design work in Denver, Colorado or throughout the United States.

Cherry Hills Farmhouse

New Home, Old Soul   A timeless design strategy and layers of authentic finishes make a newly constructed farmhouse appear mature beyond its years

Picturesque Plantation

Denver designer Lane Oliver of LEO Interiors reupholstered furniture, mixed fabrics and—in her boldest move of all—introduced fresh color to give a Louisiana plantation-style house a new look

Polo Club

Working around pieces the owners already had in the home was essential to a makeover project that was as unobtrusive to the homeowners as possible.  A cohesive look developed throughout the home as Lane Oliver paired rich colors with interesting furniture and creative paint finishes.

Tuscan Residence Transformed
River House
Outdoor Living

Lane Oliver’s colorful Washington Park backyard is featured with inspirational ideas for the “Perfect Patio”.  A few design ideas for your outdoor enjoyment.